34 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest & Make the Most of It

To live life to the fullest is the aim of any human being on earth. Starting from the ‘Stone Age’ till now we are finding the best ways to make our life worth living.

Not only this but to be a person who can raise their voice to make others believe in him/her, to create social awareness. People have been noticed when they express themselves; to love yourself is also important to grow your inner strength and self-esteem.

Do the questions come to our minds about how we feel about our lives today? Are we living an exciting life or doing something exciting in our life?  Do we live every single moment of our life? Are we passionate about our life and waiting to achieve something like a goal in our life? And lastly, do we live life to the fullest?

These questions emerge in our minds as we live our life. But, the essential point of our life is answered by these questions. So what will be the answer depends on our way of living. If you always wonder what will be the answer or you are just confused or your answer is no, it means you as a discrete personality. You’re not able to live your life to the fullest. No doubt as human beings we overthink everything. But to cope up with the world, especially with our life is the most significant part of a living being. There should be no compromise for living a good life, why get settle with anything less when you can get more best things? You deserve nothing but the best. Should establish life’s best experience.

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For acquiring the pivotal of life our historical Vedas and Bhagwat Gita have helped us so much to make us understand not just to live but to love and live in the best way possible. He who cannot be ruffled by contacts of the senses with their objects, who is calm and even-minded during pain and pleasure, he alone is fit to attain everlastingness, is quoted in Bhagwat Gita 2:59.

And also in the Vedic, life is unfolded as, way of life the solution to happiness is to learn to live, love and be satisfied with the simple things that truly matter in life.  Loving the life which we possess is a part of appreciating ourselves and making a direction to cross all the obstructions, and to believe in oneself.  It is a beneficial and pleasant method to live our life to the fullest.

34 ways to live the best life-

Apart from this, it can also be interpreted in the words of Richard Lieder that “The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.” There are many methods and selective ways to live a prosperous life:

  • Live every day on a fresh new start:

     Don’t attach yourself only to the past but think about new things and start each day in a greater way.
  • Be good to yourself:

     If you as a person will underestimate your strength then no other people can be good to you never forget who you are. And treat yourself congruously.
  • Show activeness:

    Don’t wait for others around you to do something and take action by yourself instead.
  • Focus on what vs. how:

    Be an explorer who believes in what can I do further not the person who just always feels how to do something and to achieve something.
  • Don’t stop your growth:

     We map our consciousness like consists of 17 levels of consciousness from shame to enlightenment. The higher your level of consciousness, the richer the experience. This achievement comes when you are committed to your growth.
flower blooming in arid land- live life to fullest
  • What is the purpose of your life?

    Discover your purpose in life by setting the mission statement of your life, one which will drive your life to the fullest.
  • Love yourself:

     As I wrote about it at the starting of the article as it is, a valuable part of living to love yourself and to grow yourself.
  • Stop putting life on hold:

     Are you putting any parts of your life on hold? What is one area of your life you have been putting off, avoiding or denying? Uncover that and start working on it.
  • Discover your moralities:

    Values stand as the heart of what makes you, you.
  • Carry your kindness:

     Show how you are compassionate and kind to everyone around you.
  • Let go of what makes you sad:

     Never just be unhappy about what has happened just smile and move on to good admirable opportunities.
  • Help others:

     Not just it will give support to them but it will make you feel good and share the love with everyone. Helping others when they least expect is a very good way to spread not only love but also benevolence.
woman meditating near a lake- living life to fullest
  • Create an inner strength by doing yoga and exercises:

    That will make you feel less stressed and good meditation for your growth of mental and physical abilities.
  • Be your advisor:

     Write your advice for the future on what will you do further and now apply them not just keep it in books but do it practically.
  • Be adventurous:

    Try to find new Kinds of Stuff go on track, river rafting and grow into a new person.
  • Do the things you adore:

    Because life is too precious to be doing anything else. If you don’t enjoy something, then don’t do it. spend your time and energy on things that bring you fulfilment and happiness.
  • Always remember to gain knowledge:

    Don’t ever stop to learn new ways to live, don’t stop to learn different skills, learn to interpret each event objectively.
  • Find positivity:

     Even in negative situations find a positive route to overcome it and be positive always so that your vibes will help you to achieve great success in life.
  • Record happy moments:

     Take photos, videos, audio, draw -whatever you need to do to record happy moments and memories.
  • Live for today:

    We know and want to work for the future to accomplish something but to live in the Present scenario (current situation) is also important or else we will become like a living robot who just works and the social life is destroyed. And the lines between personal and professional life will get diminished.
  • Turn your fondness into a huge success:

     Turn your passion into a multi-million dollar business. Better yet, make it a multi-billion dollar one.
  • Be empathetic:

     If everyone only sees life from his or her own perspective, they will be close-minded and insular. See things from other’s shoes.
  • Pertain with an old friend:

     There is no end number of friends you can have. Reach out to people from the past.
  • Overcome procrastination:

     It is a huge waste of your time and your life. Get rid of it once and for all.
  • Improve yourself:

     Qualify yourself with a huge midst of knowledge. While you can usually reach level 99 in video games, in real life you can level up to infinity.
  • Conduct as your ideal self will:

     All of us have an exemplary vision of who we want to be. What is your perfect self like? How can you start to be your perfect self now?
  • Unveil your blind spots:

     The more you uncover, the more you evolve, the better you become.
  • Ask for feedback:

     As much as we can try to uncover our blind spots, there will be blind spots that we can identify. Asking for responses gives us an added perspective about ourselves. Some people approach family, friends, colleagues, boss or even acquaintances since they have no preset bias and can give their feedback objectively.
  • Give more integrity than you receive:

     There is so much unspeakable joy that comes from giving. And when you give, you will find that you actually receive a lot more in return, in spades.
  • Take a halt:

     Being the best also requires you to take breaks when needed. Make sure you rest when needed. Doing so lets you walk the long path ahead.
  • Don’t assess others:

     Respect others for who they are.
  • Reap into nature:

     Many of us live in concrete jungles. Get out of the urban city environment and soak in the beauty of nature.
plant with white flower- reap into nature
  • Chuckle more:

     Are you grazing this with a consecutive face? Smile and have fun.
  • Exhibit courage towards your life:

     All it takes to live your life to the fullest is courage, nothing more and nothing less. There are some ambitions that you do not want to end. Courage is a crucial factor- as you cannot live your life to the fullest if you don’t dare to do it or shy the risks that could come with it.

We spend too much time living in the “what if” and need to learn to live in “what is”, as implied by Rev. Leroy Allison.

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You don’t have to make a prison inside your head to control yourself but to make your mindful thoughts about working actively to achieve life’s essence. Create goals for targeting the main barrier and for reaching the attainable spot in the future easily.  Write down your major goals.

People have different views on living life and giving it a purpose like the monk of Tibetan Buddhism,14th Dalai Lama he believes in Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.

Do not get troubled when you fail to attempt, try another time and bring new tactics and never bring yourself down. Don’t let anyone’s opinion affect you. “Begin at once to live and count each separate day as a separate life”. – Seneca. Life is like a rainbow that has different spectrums, which implies our life has several phases which we have to understand and execute and it is also like a roller coaster as we go through many ups and downs in our life many positive and undesirable situations occur. So hold yourself make a good start every day and never look back, focus on the good.

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As life is a story…. it’s never too late to start telling yours.  Live a life as a living soul and not like a deceased person. We looked at different factors to make living more befitting, there are new means holding the place which we can adopt but it only depends on the individual’s preference, how they tend to change with situations. It can also use digital media, for example, social media to socialize with the people, to give time to yourself and to improve the capability as cited in Rig Veda “One should strive to improve one’s capabilities. One should enhance his abilities only in a positive direction.”

Lead a simple life:

Live a simple life so that you have space to breathe. It is all about finding gratification in small things and being faithful, appreciative of whatever you retain in your life and not creating struggles for yourself. Always try to make relationships deeper and more meaningful with people whether family, friends, etc in life.

And don’t speak lie to yourself as material things don’t guarantee happiness, in fact, it often leads you to covet and long for more. You can buck convention and live by a simpler set of rules, rules that give you the freedom to enjoy your life. When you grasp your happiness you can sense your fruitful life.

We can say or jot down many standpoints, like multiple aspects of life but it is a phenomenon for people to understand what we actually have to do; it is not that easy and not that difficult. Many a time according to the experiences an individual obtained in their life, can come to know how to solve the circumstances and if some bad incident ensues then how to move on. As animals do want to live their life flawlessly but they are not skilled to find solutions as human beings, we carry our brains to complete the destiny of our life not just to be in depression or anxiety.

“As the story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye”, one-liner written by Jimi Hendrix holds up wisdom. You turn around and it seems like years have gone by in a blink of a day. So be ready to travel the journey of life.

Indian movies also incorporate to motivate the significance of life example, Bhaag Milka Bhaag, Nayak: The Real Hero, Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara, Saaransh, 3 Idiots, Chak De India, Life Mai Kabhie Kabhie, etc. Which society can watch and get to know numerous aspirations of life.

And it is an ongoing process(cycle) that has to be completed. Hopefully, more people initiate to acknowledge that a spirited life is within reach of us all., and start to live their life to the fullest.



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