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“अतिथि देवो भवः” - guest is the form of God.

We are a team of Bhartiya who are committed to making the best arrangements for you. To treat you like God we are here to make sure your experience becomes one of the best experiences.

You will have several questions as you will be witnessing all of this for the first time. Don't worry we have your back. We will answer all your questions patiently till you are not satisfied.

Ever wondered why you have not heard about many of our wonders? It's our fault only, and now we are making an effort to correct it.

Trust us, you will face no problem and even if you do we will be there to come with a solution. Before giving you the best of us, it's only natural for you to know who we are and what our goal is. We are the Vibeindian family with a community of people who have taken on the initiative of showcasing India's authentic culture and spreading knowledge about the world's oldest civilization for us Indians to wake up and realise the value of the land we live in. India is one of the world's most ethnically diverse countries, with some of the world's most strongly religious populations and cultures. Every single member of our community views India through various perspectives concerning arts, literature, religion, philosophy and psychology and it blew our minds to know just how much we can bring to light to the world based on the knowledge we have if only we could work together and so we did. And up until now the results in trying to make the best of us in bringing every aspect of India under one roof has been a steady and successful process.

Being in India, most of the population is unaware of the depths of secrets and power of the knowledge that our motherland holds. Especially about Hinduism and Sanatan dharma. And just a small percentage of people believe that religion and science are two sides of the same coin. Even fewer people believe that Sanatan dharma, which dates back to India's ancient decades, is akin to scientific knowledge and modernism.

What is science, exactly? Science is just a system, a way of explaining why things happen the way they do. Sanatan Dharma, on the other hand, is an approach to life that is in perfect harmony with the natural. As a component of this creation, you understand that you have a responsibility to fulfil before you bite the dust. As a result, rather than rejecting individuals, you learn to understand their various needs and perspectives to comprehend those who are different. That is what we are trying to uphold through connecting our minds, to make the people believe in a world of peace and love through the shadows of Indian mysteries and lores. That is who we are.

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Why Choose Us

We believe in वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्- “The world is one Family” and wants you to experience the true Bharat.

We worship Devi, the feminine form of power. Witness the power of Devi in various Shakti Peethas and other temples where she is not just in her soft form but you’ll listen to stories depicting her power when she kills a demon.

Have you ever known that the credit of humans goes to aliens just because we are not able to understand the masterpiece? We have such temples in India.

You know about modern techniques of building structures. Will you believe me if I tell you that these so-called modern technologies were used thousands of years ago in building our temples and other structures?

There are many myths wrt Indian temples which are simply scientific, social and architectural marvels. We would love to tell you about the science of temple construction and you can witness the energy like never before. Not only this our Bharat has a blessed landmass where you can see a variety of vegetation and ample and exclusive wildlife be it Asiatic lion or one-horned rhinoceros or great Bengal tiger. We have them all. And yes, don’t forget about the people of Bhartiya Sanskriti, they are the most generous and talented of all.

You must have seen the handicrafts and other artforms, do you want to experience the making and fall in love with the art? Or do you want to know the stories of our brave ancestors that even Alexander the great got defeated here? Aha, please don’t believe in the propaganda we will show you facts. Know why we were Sone ki Chidiya (Golden Bird) and why even the queen of England wears our diamond in her crown. There is so much more that we cannot just express here.

One thing that we can guarantee you is a lifetime experience of science, tradition, spirituality, nature and people. Just go through the packages, choose amongst them or simply contact us. Live the most ancient civilization and experience life in its most authentic manner.

Experience Bharat


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