WHAT IS OJAS?: means to a healthy living?

Do you Know what is Ojas? If, your answer is No, then read out this article to know how important Ojas is and how it leads to a healthy life. If your answer is yes, read the article to find out more details.

You know, some people like to do morning workouts while some people like to sleep in, and some people like to study in the morning while some people plan murders. It was a metaphor so chill, every plan has something in common, which is the will to pursue , the motive of success, and where does this will come from? It comes from within you. And it’s called Ojas. Before we jump in into the depth of the secrets of your Ojas, let’s gather what you can expect throughout reading this article, life you see is a series of expectations, the expectation of what to eat, what to wear, whom to talk when to go, where to go, and you prepare your mind to meet those expectations.

It is a subconscious act that you don’t even give a second or minute to think about. Why did you want to make this decision? These choices you make are either of your own will or a routine captured from around you, but what makes you do these? God? Your parents? Your partner? You really don’t know, do you? Maybe I can give you an idea of what keeps you going, even though most of the time you don’t know what you are doing with your life.

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Ojas is a Sanskrit word that means “vigour,” and it refers to the vital energy required for the physical and mental wellbeing of the body. It provides strength and resilience to tissues and maintains the health and vitality of cells, affecting all bodily functions and physiological processes.

The heart is said to be the centre of ojas within the body, and it is made solely up of water and earth elements. Eating pure and nourishing (sattvic) foods, practising meditation, and developing health. Consider ojas as a jar for your abundant energy. It is the body’s and mind’s greatest energy bank. It’s the purest form of Kapha, and it’s linked to reproductive, hormonal, and cerebrospinal fluids physically.

The power of Ojas is what allows us to maintain progress over time. Consider it a psychological shell or barrier. Because our own spirit has a fine, solid container, the more ojas we have, the more susceptible we are to the toxicity of others. Ojas provides us with a prevailing attitude of well-being. Our Western Civilization, as you would expect, is chronically deficient in ojas.


Ojas is the subtle essence of all essential fluids, according to Ayurveda, and is responsible for:

  • Vitality and good health.
  • determination
  • prosperity
  • Immunity is a state of being immune to everything.
  • Emotional stability.
  • Spiritual growth.


We don’t place a high enough importance on ojas as a culture. Since ojas is such a fine, subtle essence, it is influenced by almost every aspect of our lives, and it can become depleted and dried up when we are excessively exerted, exhausted, or contracted. Our ojas, on the other hand, becomes a reservoir of robust vitality and the cornerstone to a strong immune system when it is mindfully tended to.

Ojas and immunity, according to Ayurveda, are inextricably related to the principle of rejuvenation, or Rasayana. We just don’t give ourselves enough time for rest, nourishment, and self-care in our stressed-out, overly busy modern world. Rejuvenation aims to slow down the ageing process and improve our overall health. Now I hit pause. You don’t get to binge-watch series on Netflix all day and call it self-care. You don’t get to confine yourself in a separate room and chat with your friends all day and call it self-care, and also, you don’t get to give up on yourself and call it self-care…it’s just self-pity. Now it’s play again.

After all seven dhatus which are

  • Rasa- plasma
  • Rakta- blood
  • Mamsa- muscle
  • Meda- fat
  • Asthi- bone
  • Majja – bone marrow
  • Shukra- reproductive fluids


P.C: Ayrveda for wellness

Necessary for the processing of the body’s systems and organs have been fed and nourished, ojas are the refined substance created. The development of ojas is said to take 27–30 days in Ayurveda texts. So, though chewing and digesting a vegetable may take less than 24 hours, your body will benefit from the vegetable’s benefits for much longer.


Since the body takes almost a month to generate ojas from your food, it’s essential to keep our ojas supply nourished. How do you know if your ojas levels are being protected and supported? There’s a simple self-analysis that you can do by yourself to figure out if your Ojas level is good to give a thumbs up.

  • If you can wake up from the bed with the attitude of “let’s rock this day”
  • If you feel like your skin is glowing after a fresh bath,
  •  Your tongue is more pinker and your breath feels clean
  •  You feel light and positive throughout all the tasks of your day,
  • When you rarely get sick,
  • And you can laugh and smile genuinely and have a healthy social interaction,

It means your Ojas level is perfectly stable and you are leading a happy and good life. But we know everything has a downfall for all the positive sides too, right? If you think you do not have any of the above-mentioned qualities, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Ama is the polar opposite of ojas, a harmful residue found in the body that causes infections. Eating non-sattvic foods and harbouring negative behaviours or emotions produce ama. So basically, if you feel weak or feel depressed and have no will to pursue the rest of the day, it means your Ojas is off and it needs healing. Don’t worry, a person can counteract the effects of ama by restoring or increasing ojas.

When in abundance, ojas can aid in the prevention of pathogen-induced physiological stress and disease? Chronic stress, on the other hand, can reduce it, which is why it is particularly important to eat a sattvic diet and live a healthy lifestyle during difficult times.


There isn’t a big expensive method for you to bring up something that is already inside you. As much as easy as it sounds, all you need is a few routines to follow every day until you bring your Ojas right back up. But let me tell you, you might think what if you don’t do the routines, what if your ojas never come back?

Say for example how sometimes rich people have everything they want, cash, job, a loving family and a luxury home for their kids and yet remain dissatisfied in their lives, it’s because their mind is in a position where it cannot boost up happiness enzymes (serotonin, and endorphins) no matter how much you achieve because your Ojas level has dropped to pitch black. Don’t you too make that mistake, and so here’s the reason why you should consider what I say about how you can bring your Ojas up.


When it comes to nourishing your ojas, the most important thing to remember is to eat foods that are fresh, healthy, seasonally available, and suitable for your dosha. Here are some recipe suggestions that are both nourishing and ojas-building:

  • Women’s stamina Latte
  • Nourishing Curried Lentil Soup
  • Basic Kitchari
  • Ashwagandha Recipes for the Adrenals

Adding Chyawanprash to your diet is one of the simplest and most delicious ways to help ojas. Our Chyavanprash is based on a centuries-old Ayurveda formula that has been used to strengthen and rejuvenate the body, help proper immune system function, and provide the basic building blocks of ojas for millennia!


Regular yoga asana practice for 15 to 45 minutes will rotate all of your limbs and improve your strength and flexibility. It will also aid in the development of power, balance, and resiliency. Your internal compass will be guided to your divine light if you end your practice with at least a few minutes of Savasana.

Prana is plentiful, so love yourself! Deep breathing exercises strengthen your ojas by providing abundant life energy in the form of prana daily. When you fully exhale, it also helps to detoxify the body. Plus, with practice, you’ll find that this deep and balanced breathing pattern becomes the “standard.”

The consequences of stress are greatly reduced when slow, healthy breathing becomes part of your daily routine. You infuse the body with life-giving energy and detox the tissues with each breath cycle.

Stress can be alleviated by using medication. Every day, meditation. Japa, or the repetition of a mantra, is one of the most effective meditation techniques, particularly for beginners. Japa aids in bringing the troubled mind back to a single point of concentration. The mantra “so hum” is easy in that it consists of just two words, but it has a lot of meaning. “I am that,” or simply “I am,” is the translation.


P.C: daveasprey

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  • Abhyanga is a form of Self-massage therapy with oil, which is an ancient Ayurvedic tradition. This therapeutic herbal oil treatment is suggested constantly when trying to improve ojas. However, even a few times a week of abhyanga can nourish the tissues, relax the nervous system, help lymph health, and foster a general sense of comfort and well-being.


P.C: Mariyurveda

  • Pratyahara is a Sanskrit word that means “to be free. It’s not just a matter of increasing our ojas level; it’s also a matter of maintaining it. Pratyahara is all about not squandering or squandering it. When you are completely overwhelmed, such as when you spend hours on the phone, smoking cigarettes, addicted to coffee, and messaging friends, you lose energy in ways you aren’t even aware of through your five senses. This depletes our energy and can lead to depressive or anxious feelings. Pratyahara is the act to control our senses by a moderation of speech and sexual energy, as well as adequate rest, relaxation, and sleep aids in the preservation of vital energy.


Everybody makes mistakes, even if not once in a while or quite often, it is after all just human nature. When God created man, he gave man everything but peace. Because he knows that man has to seek it through God. So there is no use if you blame yourself or other people for whatever is keeping you dark and depressed. What are you doing hating yourself? Here’s a piece of reminder for you, PLEASE STOP. Stop the hate, stop being guilty, and stop dwelling in the past drama.

You are living in the 21st century! Not in an era where it was even forbidden to talk, but now, you have the world in your hands, then what’s stopping you from loving yourself? The term “I love you” is used way too much that it might as well lose its meaning, but as long as you say that to yourself, the meaning is always alive. Do you know how I know? Because your heart is still beating when you say “I love you” to yourself. And that reasons enough for you to stay happy. Your Ojas is like your very own energy source. So don’t let it die down, love more, give more, do more, because we are born on this earth, we deserve every shred of happiness the world can offer us.





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