Brahma Muhurta- why it is the best time to start your day?

Here’s something you can relate to. Did this happen to you? All of a sudden, you woke up in the middle of the night and checked your phone to see the time. But, it’s not the middle of the night, it’s 4 am. Don’t worry, it isn’t that uncommon. It doesn’t mean that you’re haunted. It simply means you woke up during the time of Brahma muhurta.

So what is Brahma muhurta and why is it important?

In the Vedic tradition of Hinduism, Brahma muhurta is a period that starts at 04:24 a.m ends at 5:12 a.m. (IST). Brahma muhurta is the 14th muhurta of the night and it is also called the creator’s time. To put it simply, it is almost one and half-hour before sunrise. Now you may ask why I am suddenly talking about something this spiritual. We all know how hard it is to begin a task or take an initiative and start from scratch. A good beginning leads to a good finish. Therefore waking up at the time of Brahma muhurta can help you have a fresh start. Also, this can make the rest of the day go well and smooth.

Significance of Brahma muhurta

In yoga- the importance of Brahma muhurta meditation

Brahma Muhurtha is considered a very important period for prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices.

The time of Brahma muhurta is considered to be soothing, pure and calm and the mind is alert and ready to gain knowledge after a good sleep. Meditation during this period will increase mental health and help gain a clear perspective to survive the day. It also increases “Sattva” Gunas. It even subdues mental irritation, hyperactivity, and lethargy. During this time, a high level of ‘Prana Shakti is present in the atmosphere. This prana Shakti is a positive energy that will provide a body boost while meditating through Brahma muhurta time. Concentrating on your breathing while taking in all the vital energy from the surrounding is the best way to kick start your mind without caffeine.

In this Kali-yuga, where the spiritual and religious energy of our body is clouded due to many mental pressures, meditation is the best way to revive those spirits. The Brahma Muhurta occurs in the Vata phase of the morning. It is considered the best time as the mind is still during this time. It also helps to achieve a deeper meditative state.

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Daily life- benefits of Brahma muhurta

Waking up during the time of Brahma muhurta will help increase the metabolism of the body and make you active throughout the day.

Maintaining a proper sleep pattern will enhance the mind’s memory receptors. Moreover, it helps you have more focus and concentration in daily tasks.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain that helps keep the mind and body stabilized and healthy. This melatonin is secreted more during the Brahma muhurta. Therefore, when the mind is alert during this process, it will be beneficial for effective mindfulness in the long run.

Both Siddha and Ayurveda has recently stated in their studies that, one can eliminate the mind harming ailment like depression, anxiety, stress, obesity, lack of concentration, insomnia, heart ailments and diabetes when having the routine to meditate during the Brahma muhurta, they develop a certain mental clarity that can’t be achieved at any other time of the day.

If you think that scriptures are the only ones that praise Brahma muhurta, then you’re probably not looking at the big picture. Why is 4 am the best time to meditate?

Scientific studies reveal that during the Brahma muhurta, there is nascent oxygen (pure form of oxygen) in the atmosphere that when inhaled directly infuses with the red blood cells and increases the haemoglobin level and Ph. of the body.

Do’s and Don’ts during Brahma muhurta



We have a lot of unexplained scientific recoveries for various ailments that can be put into one word called, “meditation”. An active and healthy mind means an active body. Besides all the scientific causes for a disease, the mind that is weak during the course of the disease is not fed in any healthy activities. Hence, any amount of medication will not help improve the condition unless the unhappy mind is treated.

The mind controls all the functions of the human body and therefore when the mind is healthy enough to tell the human body that it’s fit and active, the body cells are wired to obey the command and act accordingly. So to keep the mind active, meditation is a very important tool that will come in handy. Now one can ask, “Is there a right time for meditation” and the answer is no. Although the hours before sunrise are considered prime for meditation, most experts say that anytime you can meditate is a good time.



Waking up at 4 am and meditating alone is like preparing a sandwich and not eating it. Meditating is only the 1st step of a productive day, once the mind is active, you need to make it get to work. So you can pursue the rest of the time studying or reading. When you study during this time, the mind absorbs every single input as the brain is literally in thirst for knowledge and spontaneousness.

Here’s the thing, successful CEOs and billionaires didn’t get to the position in a day. They have a mindset to achieve big things. But everyone wants to achieve big, so what makes them different from us? It’s work. They don’t just dream, they work, they build their dream in parts every day until it’s whole. It takes immense willpower to not lose hope halfway. That kind of willpower can be attained when we exercise the mind to be more efficient.

Eating and chit-chatting is an absolute No

Now why waste a perfectly good beginning by spending your time with other people? You need to be committed to your time in your way. And chatting with others on mobile phones or other electronic devices will trigger the negative energy that has been suppressed in the body and so waking up at 4 am would’ve been for nothing. Also, avoiding eating during this time will cause illness and unhealthy digestive problems. 4 am is the time when the bowels would’ve completely digested the food you consumed for dinner and putting in food immediately after this process will affect the natural body clock. So it is best to avoid eating food however drinking water is not harmful as it relaxes the muscles and relieves tiredness.



Don’t mistake exercising for working out. Too much stress on the muscles during this time can make the body tired easily. Mild exercises like Surya Namaskar and stretches are enough to boost the body’s reflex responses and help the muscles to relax. It makes you more active and healthy. Regularity in this routine can also help in weight loss and help maintain a standard body mass index.

Brahma muhurta mantras and folklore

Can everyone wake up during Brahma muhurta?

To be precise, any healthy person is allowed to wake up during the Brahma muhurta. A healthy person means a mentally and physically fit person will have the urge to wake up during the Brahma muhurta. However at first, if you are using alarms to wake up, it’s not such a bad idea because if you continue following the routine, then the brain will memorize your sleep pattern and you can wake up at 4 am even without your alarm’s angry screech.

Is it fine to go back to sleep after Brahma muhurta?

Honestly? Yes. If you are someone who likes to postpone things and doesn’t want to have a plan for the day, then there is no purpose in waking up during the Brahma muhurta. Waking up your mind only to put it back to sleep will amount to just another regular day. If you want your day to be productive and smooth, wake up and plan for the day. Try coming up with innovative ideas of how you can spend the rest of the hours doing something worthwhile so that your mind gets excited and stores all that information and will help you go through with your tasks as you planned for a better and a productive day.

Brahma muhurta activities are a huge part of self-care. You let your mind become clear and active, you let your body relax and get rid of the tiredness, and you improve your breathing and decrease the chances of catching an ailment, and also get to have an amazing day. All these activities will make the serotonin levels increase and help you to be more optimistic and cheerful.

Chanting mantras while meditation helps the mind to concentrate more.


OM: The word OM is so powerful that this single word can produce powerful and positive vibrations which allows you to feel the whole universe.

KARAAGRE VASUTE LAKSHMI (energy of goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth which resides in the fingertips.)

KARAMADHYAE SARASWATHI ( energy of goddess Saraswathi who is the goddess of wisdom which resides in the palms of our hands)

You should recite this mantra and do pranayama and meditation during the Brahma muhurta. You can take a slow walk in the fresh morning air and surround yourself with soothing visuals which will maintain the body balance and keep you flourishing.

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There was once a time where self-care was only meant for the rich. But now, in an era where self-care is encouraged, let’s embrace how our ancestors paved the way for this generation to use meditation as a medium to connect to God and help stabilize our bodies for a better life.



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