Control your mind with mind control techniques

Money and fame-These two hands, one on top of the other, without which man today thinks life can’t be lived. So, behind the advent for money and fame, there lies a colourful source known as manas or the mind. And to control your mind, where all concepts and ideas that revolve around money and fame generate, could keep you from driving towards extremities. 

There are a host of mind control techniques one can use to reign the wandering mind down.

The mind reverberates, vibrates, and contemplates at the same time before one stands at the brink of action. Thus, money and fame in its many hues spread themselves in a rainbow throughout the skies of one’s mind. These two presumed to be diamonds soon break like another glass whose million pieces cause one pain and suffering. And  often resulting in profuse bleeding throughout one’s soul. This is where mind control techniques come in handy. 

Here, we come to know that the obsession for money and fame is much more than a gigantic palace. There is some unfound pride in counting bundles of notes and seeing oneself featured on a famous Youtube channel. This pride exists because the mind feels this pride. Alas! The question of a lifetime rises like the sun stroking along the ridges of the mountains- How to control your mind?

Control your mind- Psychology 

There are six base natures of the human mind intrinsic to Sanathan culture which forms the basis of our understanding of mind control techniques:


When this word is broken, and the contents that emerge from it are subjected to analysis one tends to look upon the Hindu god of love known as Kamadeva. This state of the mind indulges in love and passion to the extent that all self-restraint is abandoned. This causes mindless actions to manifest often resulting in crimes such as rape, and violence against women. It embodies the animal-like tendency of unbridled lust.


When in dire rage, all senses become cold to any reason no matter how obvious. This dangerous state leads to chaos starting from one’s family. And then the society engulfing the entire nation too in its fire as the countless pages of history narrate. 

Only when we are placed in situations where we are at the receiving end do we wish to know how to mind control someone instantly, for words said in anger can never be taken back. In Buddhism, this state of the mind is rightly known as the world of ‘Asuras’. 


A life preoccupied with allaying the endless thirst for money is termed as Moha. Avarice is more or less the same as the Kama. Its allure makes one’s heart crave though already overflowing, to the point of bursting making one bare once again. This aspect of greed has complete relation with money and myriad material gains.


This state of the mind encompasses Moha, and focuses on greed as a whole. Whether money, lust, tasteless pleasures like cigarette or alcohol, pseudo bliss through drugs or profit in the name of oppression. All that defines greed is embodied within the imagination of Lobha. 


Identifying oneself as ‘I am the greatest’ while undermining the lives of those around. This blind nature of arrogance likened to the misery of Adolf Hitler is seen as a dying star in the limitless darkness of the sky.


When unable to recognize the equality of all beings, that all living is an entity of the great power subject to the law of cause and effect. This inability spreads the poison of jealousy causing oneself and another nothing other than harm. It can spell the end of the peaceful world as we know it and hence becomes all the more important to control your mind from this state.

What is Mind Control? – How do these six base natures relate to fame and money?

The mind journeys through all of these realms as long as one breathes the air. The mind with all its desires, tendencies, and hopes remains intact even after the body is no more. So, the desire for fame and money if without an in-depth purpose originates and dwells in these six base natures or states. And to control your mind from these urges could be the best thing you could do to yourself because it would make life a better place to be.

There are times when you can’t help going down the path of self-hatred and insecurity, which is when you wish you knew the many mind control tricks. No wonder how restless one tends to become both physically and mentally. As the slogan transforms from “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” to “All gloom no work makes Jack depressed”.

Powerful Mind control techniques 

A dark apparition standing against the light emanating from the tube light behind her. The hour is that of midnight, and the moon along with the stars seem to proliferate the sky. The red frame of her balcony with the windows open sends an exuberant ray of light transcending that of the many streetlights around. 

Her shawl billowing in the breeze as the moon above is slowly revealing the rest of its white brilliance. Ah! Though her face concealed by distance yet everything about her appears to be a majestic dream. A rare sight and experience to behold- what can be more relaxing to the mind than an almost Vincent painting come to life. But, unfortunately, every day is not the same nor does it feel the same. 

Plunged deep in the chaos of our lives one forgets what it feels to be touched by the breeze, tranced by the twilight sun with the crimson sky in the background. And also the eternal smell of the dew-drenched grass. Though these words sound of a primeval time when time was all there was to spare. 

Yet through all that lust, we have accumulated by watching videos, and a sense of importance we crave through all that media that surrounds us. We’ll will find the scattered pixels in front of our eyes disappear so will our ears, nose, and touch revive anew. 

Mind control power– Bodhisattva Never Disparaging and Music 

Meditation, which comes to mind as we read the many books on spirituality and the Upanishads is all about self-reflection at its peak. It speaks about the virtue that is to control your mind. Other than that there is music to hear as well as create. 

Say, the crescendo of chirpings and tweets of the birds at the first light of dawn when promenading in the community park. Here and there, drawing from one’s favourite songs quite a composer one shall become humming along with the unseen birds. 

Long walks, not the usual ones to reduce belly fat with the earphones bursting through the ears. A gallant advance with one’s feet in the air, a smile all over the face, and one’s life surging with a tremendous force throughout the physical self. A walk like that of Boddhisattva never disparaging. 

Buddhism has contributed to the world some major mind control techniques all of which teach us how to control your mind. Buddhism, among its many principles, drive home the point that ‘control your mind and the world is yours’. ‘Boddhisattva never disparaging’ is a concept in Buddhism, drawing from the life of Shakyamuni Buddha.  

This term is in the description of a boy who no matter how much ostracized never even an inch flinched in his belief that all people have the potential to realize the Buddha in their hearts. 

From village to village he travelled, across great kingdoms through boisterous bazaars full of colours. None paid any heed to his words and shunned him bitterly with abuses, rocks, stones, and staff. Yet he remained tall like a proud effigy and continued to respect the Buddha within all for all living beings were for him entities of the universe or the Mystic law. 

He often took cover behind his arms, or a thick boulder or tree trunk at times to save himself from the hatred-filled blows. Whenever he found the chance, he would come out of his cover and bow effusively as a sign of respect for the dignity of life of his aggressors. Though possessing no riches, and not known for any merit when he walked through an aisle his countenance glowed in divine peace. 

His very presence penetrated through the chaos-filled lives of the crowd all about him. Thus, soon desiring for the same peace and happiness for which people crave fame and money, all stood and sat in rest for the first time since when. 

As soon as a distinct silence reigned, the bodhisattva who had believed in the Buddha-nature of all without discrimination blessed the sutras of the Buddha through his mouth for all to hear and assimilate.

If an individual can walk, even if just for leisure, with such an attitude there can be nothing more liberating for oneself as well as others.       

Brainwashing techniques-how to get out of mind control 

While playing GTA V though all these fingers are only of use, but the bloodshed, pride, adventure, and accomplishments somehow are identifiable in person. The wide world encased in a small rectangular screen in some way add a new meaning to the daily chores. Like the intense wish to be followed by ten people at all times, or to take revenge through dogmatic violence with no consequence as such because there never is ‘game over’.

This is when the importance of knowing how to block mind control saves the day. These games can blind us by closing our eyes to reality. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to control your mind rather than find oneself stuck in these quagmires.

The gangster whom the player assumes to be himself never actually dies so. I guess better it is to consider the characters of computer games than Al Capone or Dawood himself. Isn’t it?

Mind control technology – Movie and Games

The mind keeps painting the virtual world of the screen in diverse hues. Whether Grand Theft Auto or an Oscar-winning movie. With only the eyes and the fingers, sometimes a little bit of thinking is able to relive a story simultaneously manipulate it as per one’s taste, often unconsciously.

Technology, through its very existence, gives us the answer to how to control someone’s mind without them knowing. In today’s world, one is hooked heart and soul to the world of games. And that could put a stopper to your daily lifestyle.

Though physically one is confined within a four-walled room, occasionally straightening his stiff back in fear that it may remain crooked for life; he experiences the same adrenalin rush as if Columbus yet to find the shores of the endless horizon. Such is the power and vibrance of the mind.

Human Mind control Power– From the eyes of the Upanishads

The Mandukya Upanishad is a trove for seekers of mind control techniques. Through its teachings, one is enlightened on types of mind control, brainwashing techniques, and the mind control superpower


Others steeped in cognition about creation consider origination as an
exuberance (of God), while by others it is imagined that creation is
comparable to dream or magic

-Mandukya Upanishad

The sky keeps turning from a once azure blue to a blind scorching white. A tinge of red and crimson dissipated behind the sun. A bright yellow brightness, while at the brink of setting behind the silhouetted buildings. Then ensnared in darkness, a dot or two pops out from the sky glittering, to brighten up the lost colours. 

This distinct rainbow of colours that the sky dresses in from time to time in a day is what the Upanishads refer to as surrealism or dream behind the mystery of creation. This deep ponder is in sync with our day-to-day imagination regarding the most trivial of things. Like a man for a second makes eye contact with a beautiful maiden, transfixed the gaze extends to a minute. 

Though nothing ever happened thereafter, the man may tend to dream on.

This hyper-idealistic imagination where there is no self-reflection or knowledge as such to draw. It leads to abstract theories as if writing fiction. This fictionalization is what the words convey as dream or magic at the most fundamental level when defining creation.

There are those who triumphantly blow the trumpet, declaring creation as the extension of God. This belief expresses someone above all, with or without a physical entity. Here the mind is a relentless devout whose submersion is in deep presence of God. Here too a similar analogy can be applied. 

A man has a gigantic crush on a maiden, who is way out of her league. Resigned to sheer disappointment, he pacifies himself by drawing her face through the connection of stars in a constellation. He tells himself day and night-“Control your mind!”, but to no avail.

Every night she rules over his dreams and shines like a beacon in his nightmares. Eventually, he becomes so obsessed as men tend to become. He quite naturally begins to eat, work, and play in her name. All he can think of and breathe of is the presence of her beauty. 

Thus, the same is true for Ramakrishnan and Kabir Das who led their very lives in the name of Ma Durga and Hari.          



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